Sudden Cardiac Attacks - Causes and Symptoms

If you have an SCA, call an ambulance immediately or visit cardiac surgeon near me ASAP. Your chances of survival will increase if you act quickly. If you don’t have help nearby, your chances of survival will be much lower. An automated external defibrillator (AED) device can give an electric shock to the heart. However, AEDs aren’t always effective. They can only be used to restore a normal heart rhythm.

A: If you survive a cardiac arrest, follow your doctor’s instructions. Your doctor may order diagnostic tests such as an electrocardiogram, ejection fraction, ambulatory monitoring, and an electrophysiology study. Your doctor may also order a nuclear stress test. The ejection fraction tells the doctor how much blood is pumped out of the heart with each beat. During this procedure, your doctor will check the ejection function.

B: When a person has an SCA, the heart’s electrical system stops working. If you are exercising, you could trigger an arrhythmia. Defibrillators help restore the heart’s rhythm, so you don’t have to wait for a heart attack to happen. If you’re not in danger of an SCA, you should get medical attention immediately. You may also need tests to determine the cause of your SCA.

C: You should seek medical treatment immediately. Your doctor will likely recommend diagnostic tests such as an electrocardiogram and an ejection fraction. These tests will help you determine if a faulty heart is the cause of your SCA. If your condition is severe enough, your doctor may prescribe a defibrillator to restore your heart’s normal rhythm. This is especially important if you’re unable to speak English.

D: If your heart is slowed or stopped altogether, you may be experiencing a heart attack. The heart’s electrical system is likely to have electrical problems. You may be unaware that you’re having one, but if you know someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, call emergency medical services right away. They will have no idea of how to respond. If your symptoms are severe, you’ll need to see a doctor immediately.

E: The treatment of SCA is complicated and requires advanced emergency care. A defibrillator is essential for restoring a normal heartbeat. If a plaque causes an SCA in an artery, it can cause sudden cardiac arrest. The patient may also suffer from other problems, including a ruptured artery. If this happens, they should seek medical attention. Your physician will monitor the patient for signs of heart failure and administer the appropriate medication.

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